P.L.Kopecky visual music

P.L.Kopecký designs, animates and VJ’s in 3D, using his memebranes as textures mapped onto 3D models. His life-long passion for photography (first camera and darkroom at age of 10) escalated in year 2000 with digital darkroom experiments and culminated in 2008 with his first solo exhibition of the memebranes series, left-right symmetric abstract photomontages exploring the mystical territory beyond explicit memes and implicit branes.


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memebranes were born out of thousands of photomontage experiments I did in the digital darkroom since 2000, when I was looking for a means to transcend imitative photography and to grasp the ungraspable abstract images I knew were waiting inside me that I had to depict in order to redeem my soul…

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3D graphics, animation, music videos, abstract films, VJing, projections